In-Home Care


We offer limited in-home overnight care to dogs in the Greater Milwaukee Area, providing peace of mind while you’re away.  During your scheduled overnight stay your dog’s caretaker will live in your home, because of this, it’s important to know that their dogs will accompany them during daytime visits and overnight stays.  After meeting with you and your pet, we will determine if the fit seems suitable and can schedule an introduction for the dogs to meet.  Our dogs have, without a doubt, met hundreds of dogs and are very appropriate with dogs, cats and other critters.  Click here to learn more about our canine companions.



Overnight Care Package – $65
This overnight stay in your home lasts 8 hours* from 10pm to 6am and includes two daytime visits; one between 10am – 12pm, and one between 4pm – 6pm.  You are more than welcome to add on extra 15 minute visits throughout the day ($10 per extra 15 minute visit) if needed.  If you are looking for overnight care we require at least 7 days notice and while we will do our best to accommodate you, our weekend and holiday availability is extremely limited so be sure to submit your request well in advance, especially for holidays.  One extra species is included in this care package.

» It goes without saying, but we thought we’d say it anyway…  all Overnight Care Packages include the administration of standard medications/supplements, bringing in the newspaper, mail and packages, watering your plants, providing fresh, clean drinking water, feeding breakfast, lunch and dinner when needed, cleaning up after your pet when they do their business, and a promise to do our best to clean up any accidents your pet may leave for us while you’re away.  You will also receive once daily text/email updates.

*8 hours is the minimum stay duration, meaning that often times we will arrive sooner and leave later – simply because we love your canine!


Critter Care Add On – $5+ in addition to your Canine Overnight Care Package

In addition to your dog(s) we’ll feed your bunny, ferret, chinchilla, hamster, turtle, bird and reptile. However we may be inclined to decline if you ask us to take your pet tarantula for a walk or hand feed it insects…


Plant Care Add On – $5+ in addition to your Canine Overnight Care Package

If your plants need extra special care while you’re away, this surcharge will apply.



A La Cart Services – $10+

These services have pricing that fluctuates based on the needs of each individual.  Contact us for a quote.

» Critter Care – Do you have any non-canine companions that need taking care of?  We’ll stop by and make sure everyone is doing well and give them the care they need.

» Plant Care – A quick stop to water & feed your plants.

» Nail Trimming – With premium-grade nail clippers and grinders, we’ll keep those nails trim.

» Ear Cleaning – Using vet recommended ear cleaning solution and cotton balls, we’ll make sure your pooch can hear those squirrels from a mile away!

» Fur Brushing – We can pluck, brush and comb all the excess fur away to help keep your furniture and clothes clean!

» Teeth Brushing – We’ll help keep those pearly whites nice and clean!  We use a non-toxic, vanilla flavored toothpaste that most dogs love!



Scheduling Services

-We recommend contacting us about your needs 2 weeks, or more, in advance.  While we will do our best to accommodate you, our availability is not guaranteed.

-We require payment in full in order to reserve your scheduled service.


Cancellation Policy & Late Fees

-There is a $20 fee if you schedule an overnight with less than 24 hours notice.

-There are no refunds for holiday services cancelled with less than 14 days notice and only a partial refund for holiday services cancelled with less than 30 days notice.


Holiday Fees

-There is a $5 surcharge added to all extra daytime visits.

-There is a $20 surcharge added to all overnight stays, which include two daytime visits.

-Our holidays include:

» Easter Sunday

» Thanksgiving Day & Black Friday

» Independence Day (July 3rd-5th)

» Christmas (24th-26th)

» New Years Eve & New Years Day


-We do not offer lawn care or snow removal services.  Snowy driveways will affect our ability to stay overnight and shoveling will take time that could otherwise be spent caring for your pets.  We recommend scheduling lawn care or snow removal services while you’re away, if it’s needed.

-There may be an added traveling fee if you are outside of our service areas for in-home overnight stays.

-We do not advocate the use of shock collars, choke chains or prong collars.  We will instead use harnesses, head halters, martingale collars or flat collars during services and will focus on management and safety while adhering to our training philosophies.



We provide care to canines in the Whitefish Bay, Shorewood, Riverwest, Brewers Hill, East Side, Downtown, Third Ward, Bay View and Wauwatosa areas. If you’re interested in visits but are outside of our service areas please contact us.