Creative Canine

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Integrative Veterinary Service – 21180 W. Capitol Drive, Brookfield, WI

About this class:

Our five week long Creative Canine workshop is the perfect class to burn tons of mental energy!  The tricks and skills you learn are sure to impress all of your friends and family.  We’ll work on tricks such as spin, wave, sit pretty, play dead and many more.  We’ll also work on introducing your dog to scent work!  We’ll teach your dog to use their noses to seek out a particular scent in their environment.  Scent Work is a great way to have fun with your dog indoors on rainy days or make park exploration more intriguing!  Please note that while this class is based on the principles of K9 Nosework this is a non-competitive course.

This class lasts 60 minutes and meets once a week, for five weeks.


$165 – Email To Register

PrerequisiteDogs must be 6 months of age or older, be able to Sit and Down on cue, be non-reactive to other dogs and have proof of current vaccinations.