Group Classes


At Good Karma Canine we use Reward Based methods of training such as Positive Reinforcement, Clicker Training and Force-Free Training.  This kind of training can sometimes require a high rate of reward so we recommend using treats that are limited ingredient, grain-free and nutritionally sound.

We do encourage dog parents to bring their significant other to attend class, as it is important for the training to be consistent when practiced at home.  However, we require that children under the age of 10 not attend class.  Any child 10 and older that comes to class should be able to participate in the training activities or watch and listen respectfully while the class works.



Select a Class to Learn More


Canine Kindergarten

A 7 week workshop focused on socialization and conditioning for your puppy.


Core Canine

A 7 week workshop to build a foundation of strong, reliable skills for you and your dog.


Keen Canine

A 7  week workshop to continue improving the skills your dog learned while in Core Canine.


Creative Canine

An active 5 week workshop to teach tricks, body awareness and beginners Scent Work skills.


Adventure Dog

A 7 week workshop to begin teaching your dogs the skills they need to be successful in a kayak, on a stand up paddle board, hiking and camping with you.


Reactive Dog

A one hour private consultation and 7 week workshop to give you the skills to help your dog begin to overcome the anxieties when out in the world.


Focused Fido

A 5 week workshop to build more focus and impulse control in your adult dog.


Urban Explorer

A 7 week workshop to build a strong working connection with your dog in urban environments.