Boarding Services


With years of experience working with puppies, we’ve developed a new approach to the popular service of “Board & Train” or “Lodge & Learn”.

Our expertise has led to the development of our one of a kind program; The Enrichment Experience.  Through this program we specialize in providing a comprehensive head start for puppies.

When your puppy enrolls in The Enrichment Experience they stay in our home so that we can give them the maximum amount of care and attention possible!  Every day your puppy will receive and work on:

» Socialization – Your puppy will have the opportunity to meet new people and share space with small animals, cats and other dogs daily.  We’ll also work to prepare your puppy for all the experiences they may encounter in the world, from veterinary care and grooming needs to conditioning for city sounds and new environments. 

» Cognitive Development – Your puppy will receive daily opportunities to develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills through fun one-on-one engaging puzzles and games.

» Body Awareness – Proprioception is an important skill for all growing bodies.  It is integral to injury prevention and physical confidence.  Each day we will work through simple, age appropriate exercises to teach your puppy how to use their developing bodies safely.

» Foundation Skills – We’ll begin to install the behaviors needed to have success with loose leash walking, coming when called and impulse control around food, people and other animals.

» Crate Training – This vital life skill can be difficult to navigate but we’ll give you a head start by working daily to help your puppy feel comfortable in their crate.  Crate skills are incredibly important for safe traveling, overnight veterinary care and your puppies future doggy day care and boarding needs.

» Potty Training – Did you know that it takes twelve weeks without an accident to consider your puppy fully potty trained?  Our home will help create the consistency required for your puppies’ success!

» Field Trips – We’ll go on excursions to new places and work to build positive associations to traveling in a car, investigating new spaces and practicing new skills out in the world.

Space is limited- we only take one client at a time to ensure that your puppy is our sole focus!  We primarily cater to dogs under 9 months of age.  

This program is also appropriate for some adult dogs (on a case-by-case basis) as a comfortable, enrichment filled alternative to traditional boarding.

Our Enrichment Experience begins with two weeks in our home, however we may suggest more time based on your individual goals.  Contact us for more information!