Ella – Adoptable


Ella was born on Jan. 7th, 2015 in Alabama.  As with most dogs in rescue Ella had a rough start to life.  She was cooped up with her dad who wouldn’t let her eat or play.  A wonderful lady in Tuscaloosa took her and her sister until they could find a rescue organization to claim her.  It wasn’t long before she and her sister were headed up to Wisconsin to meet their new foster parents.  It was apparent to her new foster mom that she was not properly socialized during her first few months of life as she was extremely nervous of her foster brother and introductions to new dogs were a bit difficult.  Less than a month later she was adopted by a local couple.

ella3Another month passed and her foster mom got a phone call that the adopters wanted to “return” Ella to the rescue.  Every effort was made to help the adopters keep Ella but they decided that the training that would be needed to help Ella flourish was too much for them to handle.  Poor little Ella was returned to her foster mom who realized quickly that her fear reactivity had progressed to another level.  After a few discussions with Sam and I, it was decided that Ella needed some one-on-one training to help her deal with her fear of other dogs.  Everyone involved realizes that this will be a long process but we know that Ella is worth every minute.  She is such a beautiful, sweet and loving girl; together we’ll work hard to make sure she is happy and healthy.

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