Our Friends

Take a glance at our list of friends, products and businesses we wholeheartedly recommend!  Trust us, they’re good- just see for yourself.


Lola the Pitty

11115850_10155447955325524_980675358_nOur friend Sarah (from the website and blog Lola the Pitty) is a wonderful advocate for bully breeds, reward based training and responsible pet ownership.  Like us, she is a Positively Expert Contributor for Victoria Stilwell (which means she’s extra legit).  Our friendship started way back when, before either of us had websites or booming facebook pages.  Hop on over and check out them out- the content is great and Sarah’s pups, Lola and Rio, are adorable!  (They very much remind us of Karma and Gypsy.)

Our Favorite Recipe: Raspberry Goat Milk Dog Smoothies

A Great Grooming Tip: 6 Tips for Clipping Your Dog’s Nails



Red Petal Photography & Design Studio

Our dear friend Jen Miller is the artist behind the camera at Red Petal Photography & Design Studio.  We could not say enough good things about Jen and her skills as a photographer!  She’s worked with our own dogs multiple times and does a fantastic job working with canines, felines and of course- humans.  You’ll find her photos around our website, just look for the ones that say “Photo Courtesy of Jen Miller”.