The Setback

Issues - 2

You know your dog has issues when doggy panic attacks are a thing.

This last spring I was walking Gwen and everything fell apart.  All of our planning, all of our hard work, all of our carefully scripted training plans.  You know those moments in life where everything seems to go wrong at the same time?  It was one of those. Continue Reading

A Conversation About Socialization


The absence of socialization can really do a lot to affect your dog’s behavior. The majority of socially awkward, fearful or reactive dogs exist because of human error.  The best way to prepare your dog for all of the other dogs, people, sights, sounds, smells and textures of the world is by socializing them to things they may someday interact with. Continue Reading

Chin Up

Chin Up

More and more lately Karma has become suspicious of having treats placed on her nose.  She suddenly seems to think that terrible things will happen when I reach for her face.  This behavior is seemingly out of no where, but I’m sure it comes down to human error on my part.  Karma is a sensitive girl, and while usually I’m hyper aware of her surroundings and my own actions, somehow the cause for her head shy behavior has slipped through my fingers.  There are multiple solutions to help her overcome this “hands in face” fear.  I’m starting out by simply teaching her to bring her head closer to me.

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