Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Dog

Top Ten Gifts For Your Dog This Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day – for some people it’s a lovely day for couples, and for others it’s more of a… well, a love hate relationship. Me? I actually really enjoy Valentine’s Day! Honestly, the only sweethearts in my life are my girls, Karma and Gypsy. So I make the most out of cupids holiday, for my girls Valentine’s Day is basically a Pink Christmas! We go to the park, they get some extra special treats, and they get to open a couple cute presents! What can I say? I love my dogs!

So if you’re tired of roses, chocolates, and romantic comedies, why not something a little less traditional? Make your dog your valentine! After all, making your dog happy is sure to make you happy! Here’s my list of Top 10 gifts for your dog this Valentine’s Day!

Mimi Green Velvet Collar

I introduce to you, the Mimi Green velvet dog collar with an engraved metal buckle and matching velvet flower! Its soft material is especially perfect for dogs with short fur and the adorable velvet flower is sure to bring your pup lots of extra love and attention every time they wear it! So while it may not be instantly rewarding for your dog, it will pay off in the long run!

Just imagine your dog’s tail going crazy when you burst into baby talk every time you see her in this adorable collar! Seriously, it happens, and your dog will melt with happiness! This collar is such a win-win, if you choose to get in engraved (which I highly recommend) you won’t have to listen to any jingling name tags around the house, and that truly is a wonderful thing.

P.S. You can also choose to have this collar Hand Embroidered! That pushes the cute factor right over the edge!

Freedom HarnessShow your love with the Freedom Harness from 2 Hounds Design! This harness is designed to take the pressure off of your dog’s neck and to make walking more comfortable for both you and your dog. Using the front ring on the harness allows you to redirect your dog’s attention back to you while training and working on loose leash walking. It offers multiple points of adjustability to allow for the perfect fit for any body type.

Want to know what makes this harness even better? The soft velvet strap that goes under your dog’s chest! It’s perfect for dogs like Karma and Gypsy with short fur and naked armpits. Thanks to the velvet I don’t have to worry about chafing, rubbing or raw spots – which makes the Freedom Harness that much more comfortable for your pup to wear! (Sure, you could try to make your own velvet or fleece cover for a different harness, but let’s be honest… Your time would be better spent playing with your dog. 2 Hounds Design has you covered with this harness.)

To make this V-Day even sweeter, we’re giving away this beautiful silk martingale collar from 2 Hounds Design. Enter to win at the bottom of this post!

2 Hounds Design Martingale Giveaway

The Pink Boogey

Oh the Boogey, it’s an instant classic for dogs that really like to play with their toys. Karma goes crazy for hers, she even has a routine: Shake it, Squeak it, Roll around with it and Repeat. The first time I gave it to her, she was honestly a little confused.  I don’t think she’d ever seen such a fluffy toy before! The toys “eyeballs” were torn off pretty quickly but the toy itself is surprisingly durable for how often she plays with it (don’t let that cute, pink fuzz fool you). An added bonus? Perfectly machine washable!

The Fluff & Tuff Bear dubbed “Sadie” has a special place in my heart. Had this toy been around when I was a kid, it probably would have been my favorite too. Karma and Gypsy both love it so much, they each have their own! In our house, it’s the go-to tug toy, the “mom’s home” happy dance toy, and bed-time headrest. That’s right, they even sleep with it! It’s pretty much the most adorable thing ever.

At about 20 inches long this toy is perfect for big dogs, but I’ve even seen a 15-pound dog play with Sadie the Bear! Sadie was bigger than the dog, but he still managed to drag her around and shake her a few times (which was beyond cute)! Fluff & Tuff is by far one of my favorite brands of plush toys for dogs – we almost have the whole collection (20 out of 32 to be exact) and that’s a lot of awesome in one toy bin!

Morgan Spicer

Morgan Spicer is the artistic talent behind Bark Point Studio. Her artwork brings to life the spirit and joy that your four-legged family members bring to you. Sure, this doesn’t exactly count as a gift for your dog but come on, you deserve a gift this Valentine’s Day too! And if your dog could pay for an adorable portrait of itself (in tail wags and kisses) I’m sure you’d have a hundred by now! You’ll just have to believe me when I say, your dog wants you to have a portrait of them hanging in your office, sitting on your desk, and even printed on your coffee mug.

Morgan was the artist that brought my idea for a Good Karma Canine logo to life and I could not be happier! I look at it every day and she did a brilliant job representing Karma, myself and our company – simply and beautifully.

Morgan Spicer

Isle of Dogs

These deliciously scented shampoos and everyday sprays by Isle of Dogs are top of the line products that are safe for your dogs. They’ve been recommended to me by friends, colleagues and professional groomers – and I love their products. The Deep Cleaning shampoo is by far my favorite and always leaves Karma smelling wonderfully fresh for days (until she finds a mud puddle and needs another bath)! If Karma can manage to stay clean longer than a week, then the everyday Repláscent spray will keep her smelling clean without a bath. These skin safe sprays are also great for refreshing dog’s beds, cars, and furniture around the house. Isle of Dogs also makes a line of treats to help keep your dog healthy inside and out! So this Valentine’s Day, Karma can get dirty, take a bath, then cuddle sit on me as much as she wants and I won’t mind one bit. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Isle of Dogs, you can win your own basket of Valentine’s Day goodies for your dog! Enter to win at the bottom of this post!

Good Karma Canine Giveaway

Fresh is Best Treats

Fresh Is Best is a local company here in Milwaukee, WI. When I discovered their treats a few years ago I knew they’d become a permanent member of the Karma approved treat club (Karma’s stomach is the bouncer). These single ingredient, freeze-dried treats are great high-value rewards for dogs. You can always find these duck hearts in my treat pouch! They’re the next best thing if you don’t want to use slimy hot dogs or stinky cheese for training.

Nothing says you love your dog (or cat) like a bag of these delicious duck hearts. One sniff and Karma is blowing drool bubbles in anticipation!

Bow Wow Couture

These bows and flowers from Bow Wow Couture are the perfect add on to gifts #1 & #2. They’re irresistibly cute and I can tell you from experience, they will turn heads as you and your pup are walking around town! Your dog deserves to be the best-dressed dog in your neighborhood, and you deserve to walk next to her (or him).

Aggies Anvil Tag

Another perfect accessory and canine necessity. These tags from Aggie’s Anvil are 100% customizable and add a touch of cute to your dog’s safety. A name tag with contact info is one of the most important things your dog can wear (aside from a collar) – and with these tags, if your pup runs off for an adventure, whoever finds them will know they’re spoiled rotten and need to get back to their kingdom.

Lola the Pitty Treats

Last but definitely not least, what better way to show your love than by treating your dog to something special. These “made with love” treats are healthy, delicious and easy to make! Our friends over at Lola The Pitty have created these homemade treats & smoothies – and they’ve been tested and approved by Karma! I’m always looking forward to new recipes from Sarah and I am never disappointed. Their latest recipe for Raspberry & Goat Milk Smoothies had Karma licking her lips while I made it. And while I’m not a very good or patient chef, these treats only took 5 minutes to make and I could snack on raspberries during preparation (what good is making food, if you can’t try some while you’re making it?) Be sure to click the picture below to be taken to the recipe!

Raspberry & Goat Milk Recipe by Lola The Pitty

It’s easy to see that we love our dogs, we do a lot for them. From the day we bring them home… We watch movies together, share our couch and blankets. We feed them, bathe them, walk them, but it’s far from a one-way street. Our dogs do a lot for us in return. They stick with us when the goin’ gets tough, on the days when even 8 hours of sleep doesn’t even feel like enough, our dogs are there for us. Having a dog in your family is a learning process. You discover personalities, sense of humor, what drives them. For every dog it’s different, and that’s what makes our dogs so special. So this Valentine’s Day, my dogs deserve something for all the hard work they’ve done… For keeping me busy, for pushing me to learn more every day, for inspiring me to care more about myself, and other people. So, what has your dog done for you? And how will you celebrate this Valentine’s Day with them?

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  1. Stephanie says

    Great blog! The highlight of my Valentine’s Day is spending time with my dogs. And my husband knows they have to be included. We are hoping for decent weather to take an adventure walk and they get special treats and toys! We stay home for dinner because I am not leaving my dogs on heart day 🙂

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