The Canines


Karma – The Side Kick

Karma is an American Bulldog, Italian Greyhound and American Staffordshire Terrier mix who was adopted, at 6 months old, in April of 2012.  She had a tough puppyhood but she’s grown into a strong and confident dog.  Karma’s taken multiple Agility and Obedience classes and attends dog friendly events whenever her schedule allows her to.   – she also looks forward to learning how to stand up paddleboard and how to become a flyball athlete.  She enjoys playing tug, fetching her ball, swimming with Gwen and most of all, going on adventures!


» 2013 Beneful Dream Dog Park Finalist

» 2014 Rally Obedience 1 & 2 Graduate (Zoom Room)

» 2014 Obedience 1, 2 & 3 Graduate (Zoom Room)

» 2014 Agility 1, 2, 3 & 4 Graduate (Zoom Room)

» 2014 Certified Canine Good Citizen

» 2014 Featured in Fromm PetFest News Segment

» 2014 Featured in Zoom Room Trick Dog News Segment



Gwen – The Wall Flower

Gwen is a terrier mix who was found, around 8 months of age, exploring the Chicago freeway in July of 2014.  She loves agility, frisbees, swimming and playing tug with Karma.  Gwen is always working on new tricks with her mom, enjoys kayaking in the summer months and camping in the fall.  While her fear of strange people and places has been a huge challenge, her confidence has grown leaps and bounds since she was brought home.  Even though the world can be a scary place Gwen can count on her mom, Sam, to support her every step of the way.


» 2014 Obedience 1, 2 & 3 Graduate (Zoom Room)

» 2014 Agility 1, 2 & 3 Graduate (Zoom Room)

» 2014 Tricks Class Graduate (Zoom Room)

» 2015 Certified Canine Good Citizen

» 2015 Rally Obedience Intro & Advanced Graduate (Think Pawsitive)

» 2015 Agility Foundations 1 & 2 Graduate (Think Pawsitive)

» 2015 Agility: Jump Grids Graduate (Think Pawsitive)



Gypsy – The Goofball

Gypsy is a Bull Terrier, Labrador Retriever mix.  She lived the first 8 months of her life outdoors and was found during a particularly cold weekend in February of 2014, the weekend of the Polar Vortex.  She was extremely malnourished and emaciated, her body showed signs of frostbite on her ears, enamel dysplasia, demodex mange and overall weak bones and joints.  She was 9 lbs at intake at animal control and grew rapidly over the next few months to her full size of 45 lbs.  We believe the malnourishment as a puppy led to a stunt in her growth.  During the Spring of 2016, Gypsy developed severe allergies to dust mites and numerous flora; she’s received months of immunotherapy injections to help build her immune system and tolerance to these allergens.  Her calm and sweet demeanor has won over the hearts of many and is what ultimately turned her from foster dog, to forever dog in the Good Karma Canine family.  Karma and Gypsy are like Batman and Robin – the Dynamic Duo.  Gypsy aspires to be a therapy dog someday, but because of her puppyhood it will take lots of time, training and patience for her to become as confident and adventurous as her big sister.  She enjoys trying new foods, snuggling, playing tug, splashing in the waves and sleeping on the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan.  Gypsy is always up for a good romp in the park and loves meeting new friends.


» 2014 Obedience 1, 2 & 3 Graduate (Zoom Room)

» 2015 Tricks Class Graduate (Zoom Room)

» 2015 Certified Canine Good Citizen