Inspired By

Meet Karma, the Inspiration

My very first thought was “I wish I could keep her”, but that wasn’t really the plan.  Little did I know that months later I would actually be taking her home.  I never expected that she would inspire me in the way that she has.  She is an amazing dog with limitless potential!  Our journey so far has been incredible, and we have made so many amazing friends along the way!


How We Met

When I met Karma, she was a 6 week old bouncy, energetic puppy.  She was found on the streets, underweight, and with bb gun wounds on her neck and face.  After her stray hold was up at the local animal control center, she was released into foster care.  Her foster mom started taking her to doggy day care, which is where we met.  Her name at the time was Carmen and I had joked that we were meant to be together, Carla and Carmen.  It was just a day dream, I didn’t actually have the intention of adopting her.  I thought she was cute and funny, but I had met many foster dogs at day care and I wanted to take them all home!

I thought Karma was like the others, and I thought she would find a home quickly but she didn’t.  And I’m glad she didn’t.  I know now that we were made for each other; she pushes me to learn more, work harder and really solidified my goal of becoming a dog trainer.  She’s my side-kick, and without her, well… I wouldn’t be where I am today.

SplashSo, Karma didn’t have any interested parties, no applications to take her home.  It’s not that uncommon, there are a lot of dogs that stay in foster care for months before they find a home, especially “pitbull” type dogs.  Well, one day, running up some stairs Karma slipped and fractured her leg!  This was bad news because animal control didn’t have the funding to cover a surgery and Karma was technically their property.  They quickly came to the conclusion of euthanizing her – all because of a fractured leg.  Could you imagine my surprise?  Luckily for Karma, her amazing foster mom refused to take her back and when I found out, I submitted my application without a second thought and I offered to take full responsibility for the cost of her medical procedures.  However the hours creeped on and I didn’t get a response.

Within a couple days (and in full panic mode) a ChipIn was made by some wonderful volunteers and we started to raise the funds!  The estimated total to put a pin in her leg was $1,200 and within a week almost $600 was raised!  But with all of the extra attention on her story, Karma was suddenly getting applications for adoption!  This would have been great news, had I not already made the decision that I couldn’t let her leave my life.

Well, animal control didn’t seem too impressed by our efforts and they wanted proof that she wouldn’t need surgery.  Because without it she’d just be an unfortunate puppy on their euthanasia list.  Frantically, her x-rays were sent to multiple vets, some saying she needed the pin and others saying she’d be fine in a cast.  A week later we still didn’t have a definitive answer, but finally there was a light at the end of the tunnel!  The director of animal control knew a specialist and that specialist looked at her x-rays.  He concluded that she wouldn’t need surgery, because at this point (2 weeks after the fracture) they would need to re-fracture her leg in order to put a pin in it.  He told us that at her young age, 8 weeks in a cast should fix the problem, and it did!  So did I take her home?  No, not yet anyway… In fact, I wasn’t even told that my application was approved until the 8 weeks of crate rest were finished.  So, for 8 weeks I waited, and Karma grew from 15 lbs to 30.  I can’t even explain the frustration and worry!  But finally the 8 weeks were finished!  I was told that I could adopt her and she could, at last, come home.  Looking back, I remember every detail about the first time I met her.  I didn’t know it then, but I know it now… we were meant to be together.

I’ve always wanted to work with animals, there has never been a plan B.  But Karma sent me down the road of training professionally and I will never be able to thank her enough for that.  So in honor of Karma – Good Karma Canine was born.