We use reward and science based methods of training, like Positive Reinforcement and Force-Free Training, to help shape a stronger relationship between humans and their canines.

We believe in building partnerships that blossom into happiness and confidence on both ends of the leash. Contact us today to find out how you can teach your dog to walk nicely by your side, come when you call and be polite around people!

Ella – Adoptable


Ella was born on Jan. 7th, 2015 in Alabama.  As with most dogs in rescue Ella had a rough start to life.  She was cooped up with her dad who wouldn’t let her eat or play.  A wonderful lady in Tuscaloosa took her and her sister until they could find a rescue organization to claim her.  It wasn’t long before she and her sister were headed up to Wisconsin to meet their new foster parents. Continue Reading

The Setback

Issues - 2

You know your dog has issues when doggy panic attacks are a thing.

This last spring I was walking Gwen and everything fell apart.  All of our planning, all of our hard work, all of our carefully scripted training plans.  You know those moments in life where everything seems to go wrong at the same time?  It was one of those. Continue Reading